About Us

 Rae Shelle is an authentic African fashion brand that offers a fusion of andinkra fashion with South Florida sass. Our CEO, built this business from the ground up, with the help and support of her sister and daughter. She continues to strive for excellence and has recently rebranded her business to embrace the foreseeable expansion and direction she envisions for this journey.
     She has been featured in the May/June 2020 edition of Multiple Streams of Income magazine, and she was interviewed by Miami Beach Library in February 2021 to showcase her work.

     When she opened E'klektik by Rae in 2018, she had no idea this would open doors of empowerment to others. She realized that in sharing her story she may be the inspiration that someone needs to overcome their struggles. As a mental health professional she has seen the negitive effects of men and women not being able to cope with life's challenges. She has now made a commitment to help others build the resilience they need in trying times. Her ebook BUILDING RESILIENCE AFTER DIVORCE/BREAKUP  is ready for purchase NOW. 

     She is a designer, a poet, an author, a mental health professional, an Army Veteran, a stylist, and she's just getting started! The sky is definitely the limit. Stay tuned for the release of her new book I AM ENOUGH. Coming Soon!